Elizabeth’s Story

The below text is copyright, “Broken Bodies – Broken Dreams: Violence against Women Exposed.”: 

“Elizabeth” is 17 and pregnant with her second child. She and her husband live with Elizabeth’s mother and have been married for eight months. Her husband hits her when he is drunk, and the beatings usually coincide with the arrival of his monthly paycheck. She is worried that he will kill her someday — he almost did the last time he attacked her.

“I came home from work, and my husband was drunk. Later that evening, he started to insult me. He hit me, and I asked him to respect my mother’s home. My husband said he didn’t care and continued to hit me — on my arms, not my face. Then he grabbed my shirt and punched me twice. I put his clothes in a box, left them outside, and told him he had to leave.

“He stabbed me and ran away. The neighbours caught him — the guy who did almost got stabbed as well. My mother was shouting, ‘He killed my daughter!’ There was a lot of blood — he had perforated my intestines and I had to hold my hand on the wound. When I walked out of the house, I fainted. They brought me to hospital in a pickup truck. I stayed in hospital for a week, and I lost an ovary. My husband knew that I was pregnant when he attacked me.

“I want the police to keep him under arrest for a while. There is going to be a trial. I feel threatened because if he didn’t kill me this time he will kill me the next time. I am worried he will come after the baby and me. We women are alone. There is no one to protect us.”

Elizabeth’s mother witnessed the attack, “Some of us women take these men to the police station. But then the men’s families try to convince us to stop the process.”

All text is copyright (IRIN). Full permission is given for reproduction for non-commercial purposes.

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2 Responses to “Elizabeth’s Story”

  1. I am so sorry that you are so young and nieve, a guy, man can just come along and make you think he is somethin he is not. I wish the best for you. You will be okay, this will all make you a stronger person. Just in the meantime it does not seem like its all that simple. You will be stronger because of him, and you will have alot more knowledge for yourself and your babies. Just remember, you have to take care of you so that you can teach your babies these things. So, then they never have to go through this the way that you did. God, watches us, Im not a preaching person, but, things work out funny sometimes. Have faith in you and you will unbe-known to yourself fix this chapter in your life. Love and heartfelt thoughts from someone who has definately been in your shoes.

  2. Dawn,

    I appreciate your comment; however, I’m a bit confused as to exactly who your comment is intended to be addressed.

    Are you calling Elizabeth young and naive or me?

    This blog is a collection of material from a UN book documenting gender-based violence. Elizabeth’s story is simply a representation of an actual account of gender-based violence. She has nothing to do with this site.

    If you are addressing me, I might be naive in many different facets of life. Gender-based violence is not one of them.


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